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Case study preview

Case study: a new website with supporting IT infrastructure

Koorie Pride Victoria (KPV)
Custom website and bespoke backend
Coming soon: KPV is measuring the website's performance
Koorie Pride Victoria’s new website is everything that I envisioned. . . I would recommend Levi to anyone. For all stages of development.
Allison Toby, Executive Manager, Koorie Pride Victoria
Preview of Koorie Pride Victoria's new website
Preview: Koorie Pride Victoria’s new website
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Levi MK

Australian First Nations developer and designer

I'm a Yuin (South Coast, NSW) and Gadigal (south Sydney) man living on the lands of the Kulin Nations in Melbourne. I love technology and science; I have an undergraduate in neuroscience and I'm studying my masters in engineering. I have recently started freelancing while at university to complement my engineering studies with real-world design experience. I believe good engineers should also be competent designers so we have the skills to create systems that are focused on the people we are serving, not just the technology we are building.

Experience and education

I am completing my Master of Engineering (Software) part-time. During my studies I interned at Melbourne-based digital product consultancy, Cogent, where I worked with multi-disciplinary teams at Jetstar and ChargeFox. I am able to work effectively in remote teams because of my experiences at work, university and with clients.

Skills and preferred tools

⭐️ Custom website implementation | Webflow
⭐️ Website and product design | Pen and paper, Figma
‍⭐️ No-code/low-code systems | Zapier, Airtable
⭐️ Frontend development | Vue, Tailwind, Firebase
⭐️ Backend development | Node, Google Cloud Platform

Preview of Koorie Pride Victoria's new website

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